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A journey from a shy kid to becoming able to help many people in being a better communicator.

The Journey was not easy at all…

Hi, my name is Naxatra Meuva

I am a Success Coach, Social Media Expert & Public Speaker.

If I tell you about my story, I used to be a very shy person a few years back. Right now, I am 30 and till the age of 21, I was not even able to talk in front of 2 people due to the fear of getting judged or rejected. And because of this, I was having only 2 – 3 friends rather I was living a very boring and very average life.

But as time passed by, I started to realize one of my biggest weaknesses that were holding me back.

And so, I can totally understand how you might be feeling being a shy person because I have been in your shoes.

But to be very frank, I missed so many great opportunities in my life because I was shy.

So, I decided to fight with this fear & overcome it.

I started learning about communication, body language, mental tricks, psychology, etc. from everywhere I can. I gave myself time to learn it and started implementing it. Some things worked and some didn't.

After giving a few years to learning this skill, I gave birth to my new self. The door to new opportunities opened for me. Many schools & colleges invited me as a guest speaker.

Let me share some insights into what this skill has helped me with. I am sharing this to give you an idea of how my journey has been from scratch.

• 7+ years of experience as a trainer
• 500+ One to One Coaching
• 1000+ Speeches
• Speeches in 10+ cities
• 1.5 Lac people trained till now

While I was doing all this, I started to realize that this is the #1 skill people have if they want to do anything big in their life. But there are so many people who are not able to overcome this fear due to a lack of proper knowledge & guidance.

So, I took the responsibility to help people who really want to be good at communication & want to become something great in life.

And so I created this exclusive masterclass that can help you to know the tried & tested formulas & tricks to become a great PUBLIC SPEAKER.

Today I am on a MISSION to help 5,00,000 people to become great at Public Speaking.



How this industry can help you to connect with high net-worth people


Have a look at their personal experiences


Dr. Aishwarya Patel

Thank you Sir. I am very grateful to you. I was the one who could not speak in front of anyone.  I was not able to express myself, that fear sometimes made me anxious and suffocated. This course helped me to understand Fundamentals of Communication. The exercises given in that helped me to be aware of positivity that resided in me, to nurture who i am and express myself in the best possible way.. By this knowledge I made my own identity…

Today, I broke my fear. I am a Doctor. Now, I communicate with patients and also surrounding people confidently..

Harsh Doshi

I became an excellent public speaker &
gave my first TED Talk confidently using the techniques I learned from Naxatra Sir.

It helped me in my personal life and professional life as well.

Gaurav Savalia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where this masterclass will be conducted?

This masterclass will be conducted on ZOOM.

Q. Is this Masterclass LIVE, or pre-recorded?

This is going to be a live masterclass.

Q. Which language is this Masterclass in?

This Masterclass will be conducted in Hindi.

Q. Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes! If you are not satisfied with the masterclass you will get a no question asked refund!

Q. Will I get recording of the workshop?

No, It will be a live masterclass, no recordings will be provided.


Get a refund,
no questions asked!

After the masterclass, if you feel that this masterclass was not worth it or you don't like the masterclass just contact our team via call or email, and we will refund your Money without asking a single question!

Value ₹10,000