Your journey as a Tarot expert to love, happiness, and abundance starts in just 10 days.

Learn art & Science of Tarot in just 10 days

Date: 1st to 10th August 2023 | Time: 8:30 pm to 11 pm | Language: Hindi

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  • Module 1 : Understanding Tarot Card
    Value Rs.5,000/-
  • What is Tarot?
  • What is Tarot Card Reading?
  • History of Tarot
  • Types of Tarot
  • Module 2 : Why tarot card reading is accurate
    Value Rs.5,000/-
  • Ways of divine connection
  • Difference between Tarot and Astrology
  • How Tarot Card Reading works?
  • Module 3 : The #1 secret most people don't know before using tarot card
    Value Rs.9,000/-
  • Unboxing Tarot Cards
  • Importance of Energy
  • Importance of Meditation
  • Energy Meditation
  • Module 4 : How tarot card is reflection of your real self
    Value Rs.4,000/-
  • Types of Elements
  • Importance of Elements
  • Valuable insights of Elements
  • Module 5 : The hidden meanings of every tarot cards (That will blow your mind) Value Rs.12,000/-
  • Meaning of Tarot Cards
  • Messages of Tarot Cards
  • Connecting meaning with Questions
  • Module 6 : 7 mistakes to avoid if you want to master tarot card reading Value Rs.10,000/-
  • Rules
  • Rituals
  • Cleansing Process
  • Importance of Clearing the energy
  • Module 7 : The correct method of asking questions
    Value Rs.8,000/-
  • How to do spread
  • Types of spread
  • How to frame the questions
  • What kind of questions is tarot well suited for?
  • Module 8 : Setting up environment to enhance tarot card reading
    Value Rs.4,000/-
  • How to set the right ambiance
  • How to get ready for the reading
  • What elements can be add for the focused reading?
  • Module 9 : 4 types of chanting method to access your hidden intuition power Value Rs.4,000/-
  • What to chant?
  • Importance of Chanting
  • How to do Chanting?
  • How Chanting helps in reading?
  • Module 10 : Ethical practice for tarot card readers
    Value Rs.10,000/-
  • Does and don'ts of Tarot Reading
  • How reading can Transform your life?
  • Message for Tarot Reader
I want to become a Tarot Reader

Let's Recap What You Will Get When You Enroll For The Workshop


Value: Rs. 1,00,000/-

Offer: Rs. 15,999/-

(Pay TOKEN 999)

  • 6 Bonus - 25,000
  • Live Workshop - 75,000


Value: Rs. 1,27,000/-

Offer: Rs. 16,999/-

(Pay TOKEN 1100)

  • 6 Bonus - 25,000
  • Live Workshop - 75,000
  • Crystal Workshop - 15,000
  • Pyramid Workshop - 12,000


Value: Rs. 1,92,000/-

Offer: Rs. 39,999/-

(Pay TOKEN 1500)

  • 6 Bonus - 25,000
  • Live Workshop - 75,000
  • Crystal Workshop - 15,000
  • Pyramid Workshop - 12,000
  • 30 minutes one of one coaching and tarot reading with Spiritual Avani
  • Recording of the workshop (Valid for 6 Months)

How This Workshop Works


Lessons covering everything you need to know about Reading Tarot Cards. Enjoy at your own pace.


Develop intuition through fun and easy Practical Activities (not just boring theory!).


Special Live Q/A session to clear all your doubts & questions. I will also share all my secrets to help you become a Professional Tarot Reader.

Check Out How The Participants Of The Tarot Reading Workshop Got The Guidance They Were Looking For.

Sunil Tulsiani, A multi millionaire real estate coach

This is What You Will Learn

  • Exclusive live training covering everything about tarot in detail so that you learn the secret of tarot reading quickly, saving you years of wandering around to get the right knowledge and after this I will cover.
  • Understanding of 79 Zen Osho cards which will include the image of each cards, its symbol and the story about that card so that its easy for you to understand their meaning.
  • Major arcana cards which are a total of 23 cards from the total 79 cards which actually represent life lessons & karmic influences. We will cover these cards with great insight so that its easy to learn about these cards quickly and deeply.
  • Minor arcana cards which are a total of 56 cards from the total of 79 cards which represent trial & tribulations in one’s life and then comes.
  • 11 Spreads  which are totally Unique that you can't learn from anywhere in such detail.
  • Practical activities to make you not forget what you learnt.
  • ​Certificate of completion so that you have solid proof of your new skill.

Let Me Quickly Introduce Myself And Why You Need To Listen To Me

My Name is Avani Bhadesia and I am an expert and an experienced spiritual coach, meditation coach, Tarot card trainer, Angel card trainer, Reiki Master, Crystal healer, Touch Therapist, Astral Healer, Pyramid Therapist, Water Therapist and candle therapist.

Touched more than 1 million lives across the globe in the last 15 years.

My thirst for self-discovery started at the age of 9. I went to valleys, woods, mountains, monks, yogis, anchorites, saints, Temple, mosques, churches, Gurudwara, Derasar, Spiritual Teachers, Professionals and Coaches to get every level of knowledge of self-discovery, self-development and much more.

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10 Days Live Online Workshop

Date: 1st to 10th August 2023 | Time: 8:30 pm to 11 pm | Language: Hindi

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